Your Table is Waiting...

Let's eat.

Unlike any other NFT collection, Onchainfoods are non-generative artworks making each token completely unique.

Holders join a progressive community focused on Metaverse opportunities, hosting real-life events, and supporting charitable causes.

Road Map

Decentralized Voting

50% of the OnChainFood community fund will be used towards future project proposals.

Holders will be able to vote on proposals on Snapshot.org, a decentralized voting system.

Metaverse Takeover

“The Food Chain” will be a competitive game of eat or be eaten where players gain the unique properties of other players they eat, and level up to become Apex Predators. 

OnChainFood holders will gain exclusive powers and perks in this free to play Metaverse game.



Join the Team

OnChainFood holders will have the opportunity to fill new Dev Team positions as the brand expands.




Brand Partnerships

OnChainFood will partner with restaurant destinations and other established brands to go beyond NFTs, and create community value in new ways.




Charitable Causes

Share the Meal is a crowdfunding app that encourages users to donate a small amount when they order a meal. 

OnChainFood will host community events and drop limited-run NFTs and merch to raise money for the cause.





Operations Manager

Head Chef

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek


The sale goes live on 21st of January 2022, please join our discord server or follow us on twitter for more information

No, there won’t be any presale, it’ll be a fair launch

Each NFT will cost you 0.088eth

Onchainfood is a collection of 444 unique 1/1 hand drawn food NFTs

Upto 3 NFTs can be minted from one wallet

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